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Freelancer Agreement Pack


Do you need to use an associate to deliver, on your behalf, some of the services your business offers? Worried about things becoming difficult or mistakenly offering an employment contract? The solution is an associate agreement which clearly sets out boundaries and responsibilities. This pack contains:

  • Master Agreement
  • Project Sheet
  • Project Email


This Pack contains all that you need to set up an ongoing Freelancer Agreement

It includes :

  • Master Agreement
  • Project Sheet
  • Email to Associate

When Do I need to use an Associate or Freelancer Agreement?

This Agreement is used by a business which wants to be associated with and use the services of another person or organisation (the associate) over a period of time, as and when they are needed to perform some or all of the services for the business.

It’s Not Employment

This is not a form of employment contract so the freelancer must be operating as a separate business entity, for example you may be a sole trader or operate through a limited company or partnership and you will therefore be responsible for payment of tax and other regulatory issues on receipt of their payment to your business. As the law in England and Wales determines workers by the manner in which work is offered and provided, having a robust associate agreement in place is vital to protect your business and look professional.

How Does this Agreement help the relationship?

In the agreement the business who uses the services (the user) and the freelancer agree the basic terms for what type of services will be provided and how they will deal or contract with each other. For example, they will agree each other’s main responsibilities and deal with issues such as confidentiality and how the freelancer will be paid for their services. This is often referred to as the Master or Main Agreement.

Time Saving for Future Projects

So, when the user needs your services for a particular task, you can agree a short new project sheet, which is a document which outlines what needs to be done and the deadline for that particular task. The master agreement protects your position at all times.

Doing it in this way is much simpler and means that you do not have to keep repeating the main terms. Instead, you can agree the service, price and deadlines and other details each time you agree to work with a client.

What Happens if I am working on a Time Bound Project?

You can still choose how long the master agreement runs for (e.g. you can agree it for 2 or more years) and you can always add on and change any parts of the main agreement if you need to, for example, if you usually want to be paid on the 30th of each month and you need to change this to every 14 days because of the demands of the new project.

What is in this Pack?

This pack contains the Master Agreement and a template project sheet. It also contains a version of the project sheet that can be sent as an email to the client.


Master Agreement
Template Project Sheet
Project Sheet in email format (not an attachment)

Master Agreement

Definition of the relationship
Definition of the type of services the freelancer will supply
Freelancer’s obligations
User’s obligations including Payment
Conflict of interest provisions
Insurance and other liabilities
Restrictions on dealings with the user’s clients or customers

Project Sheet (including email version) contains:
Definition of the services needed
Details of when they must be provided by – the deadlines
Details of where the services must be provided
The price for those services
Any special specifications or conditions (for example, something that may make changes to the Master Agreement)


If you intend to create any form of employment contract or relationship
If you want to create a website affiliate agreement (for use to click through to your associated websites)
If you need specialist documents for agencies who will act as intermediaries between service providers and clients, such as property letting service providers


Very! These are all MS Word documents and are simple to use. The documents all use blue text to provide extra guidance and notes and green text where you can customise your document to suit your circumstances. You just enter your details in, read the coloured text, insert any other information, change all of the text to black and then use it. For most businesses it’s a few minutes of work.