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Legal Publishing and Content

We create legal content for businesses and other legal service providers


How it started

A forum owner asked us to write a 6000 word article on a legal topic for their engineers, they wanted some very dry legislation spelled out in practical steps. We did that and got recommended to help some more engineering businesses, then an online solicitors’ firm asked us (under an NDA) to write their blogs, then a white paper for a University was commissioned, then 200 e-Learning modulescripts for an MBA course was requested. We currently write content for several well known HR platforms and forums.

If you need legal content written; anything from a blog of 350 words to a white paper, a legal eBook or legal or business training course, Law Hound can help. We write for education, business, professional service providers and the legal profession. We write text through to scripts for eLearning modules and training courses. Our courses have been sold via Datalaw and a number of Universities, we also write for HR professionals, Medical Professionals and Law Firms.

We write on the following areas:

HR and Employment Law

Commercial Law

IT Law

IP Law

Contract Law

Cyber Security

Data Protection and GDPR

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Legal Content


How things have developed

Since the start of our legal publishing service we have been adding, year on year, to our menu of services. In addition to the published word written on a bespoke basis – unique content, we also offer white label newsletters, legal bulletins and more. Our training arm over at www.lawhound.training provides eLearning and we also provide this service for other clients, legal and business training which deals with practical business topics and answers popular questions in easy steps. Businesses can buy modules one by one to tackle the needs of one person or select an enterprise licence for use by the whole of their organisation. In late 2017 we will be publishing on Udemy.com some free legal courses.


For more information and samples of our work please contact publishing@lawhound.co.uk with brief details of your requirements, subject, word count (if known) and any deadlines and we will chat to you about how we can help.

Phone 01244 300413 to chat to us about your needs.