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About Us

Welcome to Law Hound

Law Hound provides a new way of accessing  business consultancy as built in legal compliance advice, legal  documents and commercial expertise. We help our clients through their business challenges with clear focused consultancy, legal documents, HR, Health and Safety and people management services. If you have ever felt jaded speaking to a lawyer about your business problem or thought they didn’t understand the main issues involved in running a small business like yours it’s time to talk to us. We understand business owner’s challenges and talk your language. That means all we offer is practical, affordable and fast. A background in law with a heart in business.

Who is Law Hound?

We combine business and law consultancy in one place all at a fixed cost which saves you time and money. We set up Law Hound as most of our clients came to see with us problems which were beyond legal answers. Our experience in running a business and advising thousands of clients over the years prompted us to set up a business consultancy which helps you solve the whole problem, not just the business law ones.

Why do you combine law and business advice together?

Answer = You only pay for what you need – obtaining legal or business help that is not specific to your business can result in large bills, a substantial proportion of which might be time spent on unnecessary advice or teaching your lawyer what your business does. We understand IT based agile businesses who rely on speed and tech to run and that makes a massive difference in your experience when working with us. We don’t need teaching about platforms, api integration, apps or  the benefits of virtual companies, so when you are doing something ground breaking it makes sense to chat to us. With years of experience of working with cutting edge business owners like you we have a sound and thorough grasp of new emerging technology.

Legal issues are often the tip of the iceberg in a business, a result from lack of process or missing something fundamental in a contract or financial, you need a consultancy who understands all the options as with most small and micro businesses it’s personal likely the thing that prompts a call about law is one that is keeping you up at nights. Whether that ‘thing’ is employees, partners/ directors or supplier issues.  Law Hound offers real life practical answers to get you back on track.

Starting Out?


The Services Law Hound Offers:

  • Commercial Consultancy
  • Employment and HR Law
  • Health and Safety Expertise
  • Legal Compliance and documents
  • IP Law
  • Business Growth Consultancy
  • Legal Documents, legal agreements, legal templates, legal forms

Talk to us today to see how we can help you. Call 01244 300413 or email to freehelp@lawhound.co.uk or Jump on one of our free webinars and get chatting to us about how to protect your business and how to grow whilst keeping things safe. Bounce ideas off us and let us show you how to manage risk, cut down costs and develop a plan that will work for investment. More than law needed? You are in the right place.