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Software Licence

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Software Licence Today software law is  important for all sizes of businesses wanting  a way to protect their software which of course can be a high value asset. For many small and medium sized businesses, without the benefit of an in house legal team, it can get overlooked. We have seen USA terms cut, copied […]

Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays,enhanced payments and holiday entitlement If your employment contracts are well drafted and include bank holidays within statutory holiday entitlement or paid at the normal rate of pay then you need only pay an enhanced rate if you choose to. Remember that if you pay it more than once its likely to be seen and argued […]

Data Transfer Outside the UK and GDPR

DATA PROTECTION AND GDPR –DATA TRANSFER OUTSIDE THE UK BY CONSENT   The Data Protection Act has 8 principles, the last one relates to the transfer of data outside the European Economic Area (which means transfers outside European Union member states or Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein). That principle states that personal data shall not be […]


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Accountants provide HR and Legal Information Many business owners, particularly those with employees seek initial business regulatory advice from their accountants. If their accountant is dealing with payroll for them it makes sense if there is an employee issue their first point of call is always going to be the accountant’s office. Accountants Clients Trust […]

Yes GDPR Also Affects Marketing

Does your Marketing Process Comply with the GDPR?   Email contact lists are the bread and butter of the many companies who compile them and make them available for sale. The lists are bought by businesses that want to market to a particular level of employee, a certain senior management position across multiple businesses or […]

CV Fabrication in a Competitive Job Market

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CVs, lies and money CV fabrication becomes more widespread in a competitive job market and can mislead employers into thinking they have the ‘right’ candidate for the vacancy. ‘Some exposure to quantum physics’ may translate into ‘have watched TV progamme presented by Prof. Brian Cox’. Some ways of reducing the risk: Make every job offer […]

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