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Freelancers classed as employees

We advise a number of businesses including those offering group activities on the importance of their freelance contracting arrangements. It is very easy, as their businesses grow and the freelancers spend more time following their roles that the thin grey line between employee and contractor becomes blurred. In the case of Weight Watchers-v-HMRC the importance […]

What Does GDPR Mean for Estate Agents?

GDPR DATA PROTECTION CHANGES AND WHAT THEY MEAN FOR ESTATE AGENTS   May 2018 brings data protection changes which will impact on the way estate agents obtain, use and generally process information from sellers and others that are involved in the buying and renting process. These changes will occur irrespective of where Brexit takes us. […]

GDPR and Free Information

GDPR and Free Information   Most of us tend to hang on to things because they ‘may come in useful’, but there’s a very strong argument for not applying that practice to personal data.   As a primary consideration, it already places your organisation in breach of data protection legislation.  As a financial incentive (should […]

Small Businesses and GDPR

  3 REASONS WHY DATA PROTECTION AND GDPR APPLIES TO SMALL BUSINESSES AND ORGANISATIONS   Broadly, data protection is about collecting and then using (processing) an individual’s personal information in a lawful way and keeping it safe and secure.   As a small business, it’s easy to think that data protection, let alone the new […]

You Are Wrong About Team Building!

Why Everything You Think You Know About Team building Is Wrong We’re all pretty clued up these days when it comes to the importance of building teams that work together to drive a business forward. No one is questioning the benefits, but there is a great deal of confusion around what it actually means to develop a […]


GDPR FOR THE SMALLER BUSINESS – COUNTDOWN PROGRAMME   Irrespective of Brexit, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will take effect from May 2018 and will have a direct impact on your business. With fines for non-compliance which can amount to 4% of your annual turnover (not just your profit) you can’t afford to ignore it. […]

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