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Always stop before things get too heated when handling dismissals

It’s very easy to get into a situation when dismissing an employee in a small business where every penny counts and the employer believes the employee is causing a loss, or a discussion becomes very heated between a supervisor and a member of their team and the supervisor/employer shouts ‘ you’re fired’ . Hold it right there, sacking/dismissing, call it what you like, terminating an employee in the heat of the moment in a shouting match can come back to haunt you but its recoverable by what you do immediately after.

Your employee won’t want to go straight to a tribunal and nor should they, if you are doing everything possible to show it was not a conscious decision and you are doing all things possible to rectify the situation. You need to immediately retract the dismissal and we can help. Don’t leave it a day, or overnight, act immediately by picking up the phone and getting expert employment law advice when you find yourself in a pickle and need immediate help. Call 01244 300413 to chat to one of our advisors who will set you on the right course of action suitable for your business and level of urgency.

A well worded retraction delivered immediately can defeat a potential claim and, of great importance, get your business moving properly again without the drama of employee disputes and hassles. Businesses thrive best when the teams can get back to work and move the business forward, not spending time in costly and time consuming arguments, we at Law Hound can help smooth things out and get you back on track quickly.

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