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CV Fabrication in a Competitive Job Market

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CVs, lies and money

CV fabrication becomes more widespread in a competitive job market and can mislead employers into thinking they have the ‘right’ candidate for the vacancy. ‘Some exposure to quantum physics’ may translate into ‘have watched TV progamme presented by Prof. Brian Cox’.
Some ways of reducing the risk:

Make every job offer conditional – ensure the job is offered subject to taking up satisfactory references and proof of qualifications and experience. Be clear in your job offer letter that, unless certain criteria can be proven, the offer will be withdrawn and the appointment terminated.

Move quickly to check out the facts – don’t waste time if the person has already been appointed and is working for you and you are experiencing difficulties in verifying their CV. Don’t hesitate to invoke the condition in your job offer letter and move on to your next choice of candidate.

Make sure that, in your job offer letter or application form , there is a clause warning applicants that those who fabricate any part of their CV, when discovered, will be terminated and potentially face other legal action.

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