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Growing Your Business

Employers find that growing a business is an easier process when the people working for them are invested in the success and future of the business. This is usually because when everyone knows what they should be doing and can understand why, they pay more attention, less goes wrong and the employer doesn’t have to spend as much time fire-fighting.

The team at Law Hound has created and delivered many successful development programmes that have not only measured performance amongst workers, but enabled their managers to worry less about how well jobs are being done and concentrate more on strategic development. Once you know what your people are capable of you can get on with what really matters.

If you need us to, we can provide analysis services to identify where you have skills shortages or assist you to up-skill your workforce for new business activities, which can save you money in terms of recruitment and revisiting core training.

Real Life Example – A Fresh Pair of Eyes

I was visiting a client and every few minutes someone would appear in his doorway with a question.

“Who’s been trained on X machine?” (it was always the same question, but for a different machine from the eight that they used on the shop floor).

I asked our client if that sort of thing happened a lot.

“All the time. I can never get into anything properly so I take work home every night.”

I asked him why there wasn’t a chart on the wall to show each machine and who could operate it.

“What a great idea!” he said, grinning, “That would stop a lot of interruptions.”

Anyone would have thought from his enthusiasm that I’d given him a large cheque. He had always recognised the problem, but hadn’t thought about a solution other than being the source of this essential information. Sometimes its a tiny modification that is really easy for us to see which yields massive results for you.

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