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Legal Documents

Law Hound offers Low Cost Law
Everyone is now starting to look at alternatives to legal aid to get legal advice before the next round of legal aid cut backs happen. Some look at insurance as an alternative way of getting legal advice  without legal aid – a bit like car insurance, you’ll insure for some event before it happens so you can get legal advice when it does Law Hound offers a legal aid alternative

 Free Legal Advice from Law Hound

As you can might guess you can’t rely on free legal advice you find on the internet. Most people have phones, ipads and computers to access the internet and share advice, knowledge and ideas and that includes legal advice. Whilst there is some great legal advice available you need to take care that the legal advice is up to date and covers what you need to know. Unfortunately, some of the legal advice may be misleading and out of date so it’s worse that having no advice at all.


Many people have legal advice polices as a legal aid alternative part of their home or car insurance add-on. This is fine for generic simple advice from a paralegal in a call centre but what about when you need more detailed information or need documents reviewed? With personal and business budgets being more and more stretched who is going to be able to insure to pay for legal advice which they may not need?


Some people who may previously have taken legal advice using legal aid may have access to lawyers and legal advice through unions or schemes at work but even this is decreasing.


So what other alternative ways can you get affordable quality legal advice when there’s no legal aid?

You need professional quality, easy to use, up to date fixed price affordable alternatives to taking legal advice that actually work for you.


DIY – Legal Packs – DIY – everything you need to do it yourself

Some legal issues follow a process and if someone can give you sensible pack with legal advice and a step by step process to follow with all the information and forms, agreement and documents you need then it is possible to do it yourself – DIY


LawHound offer affordable priced legal packs (£10 to £20) which are all written offering legal advice by lawyers and designed to be used by non-lawyers. These packs cover a variety of issues that most of us may need at some point in life, such as:

  • setting up a business,
  • making a Will
  • how to change your name,
  • getting a divorce
  • company law
  • taking on an employee

Each pack offers great legal advice and a step-by-step process that can be easily followed so that you can deal with that legal issue yourself.


Legal packs contain all the legal advice, guidance, explanations and the forms, letters, agreements and documents which you’ll need and at a fraction of the budget you’d need to pay for one to one legal advice on the High Street. Law Hound offers legal advice online to keep the costs to a minimum without legal aid. The packs from Law Hound are just the start, you can get all sorts of legal advice from Law Hound at a great low fixed cost which will deliver the advice you need each time for a small PAY AS YOU GO cost.


Guides to help you understand

If there is no legal aid and you want legal advice but are not yet ready to DIY then get a legal advice guide from LawHound. Each guide is

–          easy to use for people without previous experience of the law

–          professional quality – written by specialist qualified lawyers with practical experience

–          up-to-date – all the latest laws and regulations

–          that work – each guide has all that you need to know

–          very affordable – costs start from under £5


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