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 Legal Compliance Specially For Micro and Small Businesses

 Law Hound provides practically designed, plain English legal and biz help for micro and small businesses who use eCommerce and other tech to run their businesses




Ready For GDPR?

We can help you prepare using practical easy to follow steps.

Business Savvy – Legally Compliant

Analysis, training, ongoing consultancy and compliance services, all designed to make your business’ compliance with GDPR (part of our legal compliance consultancy) easier, less painful and works across your organisation so everyone knows what is needed.


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“Sue and her colleagues are brilliant at what they do, and Sue is an exceptional person – seriously bright, focused, funny, accurate and immensely pragmatic. She cuts straight to the nitty gritty of what you need and what your options are – and is always honest and utterly straightforward.”
Kat T , External Media & Communications Strategist/Senior Manager: Government, NHS, HE, NFP, Public Sector
“I can’t recommend Sue highly enough. She takes loads of time to explain in layman’s terms what’s going on and produces quick and efficient results.”
Leanne K , Developer at RBS Global Banking & Markets
Law Hound provided me with a comprehensive and legally compliant set of T&Cs covering all my services. They take the time to understand the client’s business and how it operates. Lawhound provided me with a highly professional, friendly service which was good value for money.”
J Wellings , Expertise on TAP