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Law and Business Together – New Video Service Launches 26th September 2016

Ever wanted practical legal services exactly when you need them? Our specialists offer help via phone, video and secure membership areas. No waiting, no parking issues, just online law for business.


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Law and Business Together

Whether it’s a legal document, help or consultancy on the legal and business aspects of a large project we can help – we help clients build profitable businesses. We work with clients over many years as their outsourced business and legal team.




Fast from Quote to Completion

When you have a legal problem you want your legal team moving fast. We provide same day quotes, documents which arrive on time, every time and flexible fee structures. Law Hound is agile and responsive, just like your business.


Profitable Business Choice

Law Hound’s clients are among the success stories, from funding advice through to the sale of your business, we are there for you. We only deal with business law, we live and breathe it. Our IT knowledgeable consultants mean you don’t have to explain what your site, app or SaaS does or how it works, our mission is to cut to the main event, fast and move your business forward.


IT Law

You don’t have to explain IT terms or concepts to us. We are at home with platform business models, SaaS, VR and more. If you are building an application or concept we can help you ensure your business is fully compliant with the law and add value to the process as well as help on all aspects of protection.


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Legal Membership Plans

When you are managing staff, checking your online obligations are met, handling joint ventures and more we know things can get expensive and that is why we came up with our 12 month plans. Choose one of three plans, three levels of service (with or excluding phone and email help) and enjoy peace of mind from a leading provider of practical online law help and documents.



  • HR help limited to 30 mins per month via email
  • Access to 50 legal document templates for use in one business
  • Legal updates
  • £69/month


  • HR help limited to 60 mins per month via email
  • Access to 75 legal document templates for use in one business
  • Legal updates
  • 10% discount on all bespoke work
  • £99/month


  • HR and Commercial help limited to 60 mins per month via email
  • Access to 125 legal document templates for use in one business
  • Legal updates
  • 15% discount on all bespoke work
  • Up to 30 mins per month phone help on either HR or Commercial law
  • £199/month


  • HR and Commercial help limited to 120 mins per month via email
  • Access to over 200 legal document templates for use in one business
  • Legal updates
  • 20 % discount on all bespoke work
  • Up to 60 mins per month phone help on either HR or Commercial law
  • £399/month


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Legal Documents and Templates

We offer over 250 legal documents and templates in our ecommerce site

Sign Up for a Free Legal Document

You can choose from employment law, company law, terms and conditions and web site documents for your business. Just complete the details below and receive your voucher via email for us in our template shop.

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Growing Your Business

We love helping clients grow their business, either through employing more staff, licensing, outsourcing or franchising their idea.

Business Savvy – Legally Compliant

Business is a maze of red tape, ideas, Intellectual Property, agreements and contracts and we can help. Not only will we turn the legal paperwork into understandable contracts, we help with ensuring you get all of your ideas and business knowledge protected. Whether that’s contracts or licences, trademarks or design rights, patents or investment agreements we are there every step of the way, by your side, helping you achieve your goals.


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“Sue and her colleagues are brilliant at what they do, and Sue is an exceptional person – seriously bright, focused, funny, accurate and immensely pragmatic. She cuts straight to the nitty gritty of what you need and what your options are – and is always honest and utterly straightforward.”
Kat T , External Media & Communications Strategist/Senior Manager: Government, NHS, HE, NFP, Public Sector
“I can’t recommend Sue highly enough. She takes loads of time to explain in layman’s terms what’s going on and produces quick and efficient results.”
Leanne K , Developer at RBS Global Banking & Markets
Law Hound provided me with a comprehensive and legally compliant set of T&Cs covering all my services. They take the time to understand the client’s business and how it operates. Lawhound provided me with a highly professional, friendly service which was good value for money.”
J Wellings , Expertise on TAP



Web Site Law

We have years of experience in assisting clients with managing the legal aspects of contracting and selling online. If you are selling services or products online to businesses or consumers we can help you stay safe, work within the regulations and grow your business whilst getting paid on time.  By using Law Hound’s terms and conditions in your business your customers understand what is expected of them and what will happen every time they buy from you.

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Would You Like to Chat?

Looking at us on social media or the website doesn’t give you the full picture of what we can do for your business. We love to chat, unusually for legal bods we have a sense of humour and enjoy normal stuff. If you would like to chat to us just email chat@lawhound.co.uk or use the form below and we will be in touch!

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